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About Us

Trading for Brazilian Cooperatives

We are independent trade agents in sustainable, handcrafted and top quality products from Brazil, such as coffee, wine, cachaça, honey and emerald.  

Our mission
We get our products directly from large and smaller cooperatives of family farmers from different regions in Brazil without the intervention of retail or wholesale. For example, the Il Caffé Ricordi coffee comes from the south of the Minas Gerais region where one of the best coffees from Brazil is produced. This allows us to offer lower prices to our customers while giving small family farmers a better price for their products, thereby increasing their living standards. Our cooperative partners are committed to sustainability and some obtained a fair trade certificate.

Our relationships
We maintain almost daily contact with our cooperatives and producers in Brazil. The cooperatives for which we trade the coffee includes 160 and 200 family farmers. The speciality coffees from the Caparaó region is supplied by a cooperative consisting of 55 family farmers.

Our services
We act on behalf of and directly with the cooperatives and farmers. We take care of the contacts with the farmers and the cooperatives. Our relations can help our clients with export formalities. We operate as brokers in Brazilian handicraft products of top quality with a better price for the farmer as our goal.

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Welcome to LR Trading

Committed to Excellence and Fairness in Trading

Our main goal is to share with our customers our passion for top quality handcrafted products from Brazilian cooperatives. Our aim is to offer you the best Brazilian products at fair prices. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we can offer you.

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